Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide deliveries for your products?

Yes. We do Island-wide deliveries at S$ 50.

Where is your shop located?

We are located at No. 810 Geylang Road #02-68 City Plaza Singapore 409286. We are located near the spiral stairs well.

What are the differences between Tiger Premium Mahjong Set and Long-Ma Mahjong Set?

We pride ourselves for our Tiger Premium Mahjong Set, the quality of the material used for the Mahjong Set and the engraving works are sleeker in design. Long-Ma Mahjong Set aims to provide a more affordable and yet wide range of designs to our customers. Rest assure on the quality and the design of the Mahjong Sets.

What is the common size of the Mahjong Sets and which one should I use?

The most common size mahjong used in Singapore is A1 and A2 size. The individual tile size measurements as follows A1 size : 37 mm * 28 mm *22 mm (3.7 cm * 2.8 cm * 2.2 cm) A2 size : 35 mm * 26 mm *20 mm (3.5 cm * 2.6 cm * 2.0 cm) However, we do recommend A1 size for its overall game experience.

How many tiles are there in the Mahjong Sets ?

There are a total of 160 tiles in a standard Singapore Mahjong Sets. Total 160 Tiles includes : 8 Flowers, 4 Animals, 4 Jokers, 4 Feis & 4 Spare Tiles Set includes 3 dices, 1 wind dices and Plastic Chips.

What customize engraving services do you offer, the time for completion and the charges?

For engraving of tiles, please walk-in into our store. Customers are to provide the blank tiles as we do not offer blank tiles. We provide standard engraving (E.g. Animals, Bamboos, Tong Zi and Wan Zi) Each tile engraving is S$ 6, please refer to our services page for more information. Customer can choose to engrave more complicated design / tiles, but each customization will be charged differently depending on the design requirements.