Where To Buy Mahjong Tiles In Singapore

The renewed interest in Mahjong among all age groups has inspired digital articles with recommendations on where to buy trusted supplies for your game. Our store Tong Cheong Soon Kee Trading is featured in the one titled “ Where To Buy Mahjong Tiles In Singapore, Including The Sold-Out Set from Singapore Airlines”! You know you’re in the right place at this online store!


During lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mahjong has taken centrestage!

Mahjong games are solidifying friendships, bonding families, challenging minds, lending a laugh, and being adopted at a fast pace from young to old! Co-owner of our retail store Jay Leow, has been quoted as saying, "With the Covid-19 situation, many young people who like to travel are stuck in Singapore, so mahjong has become one of their new hobbies," He adds that these customers usually opt for mahjong tiles in bold and striking colours such as pink or gold. Did you know? Read this article to know how Mahjong is winning over young fans; with Mahjong players these days even as young as teenagers!